The Strength of Art Therapy...even through a Pandemic

The Covid-19 world-wide pandemic has created an end to life as we know it. Many have lost loved ones, jobs or a sense of control. The good thing about surviving past hard times is that it gives me the confidence to know that I can survive difficult times ahead. 

As I am living in the epicenter of New York, my mom who has underlying health issues was impacted by this virus a week ago. The fear of the possible outcomes consumed me, but thanks to great doctors and nurses she is home recovering. After many tears and prayers, I am consumed with the question of "What do i do now?"

Art has been my source of strength and clarity all my life. It is what I turn to when I need to gather up my strength for what is ahead. Just five years ago, I was having panic attacks from working for an abusive boss and a dead end job in fashion. As a result of the environment, I had to leave for the sake of my health. At this time I started to create leather jewelry for the first time. Leather was a material I never worked with and did not know where my efforts would lead me. When my art studio filled up with creations, I started to sell my products at street fairs in New York (with my mother's help). Within a matter months I created a company name (Amber Poitier) and presented at NYFW in 2015. 

Amber Poitier beginnings

Although the process to get to where I am now was unplanned and very difficult, it reminds me that the strength of art therapy can change the world. What I create as the designer of Amber Poitier helps to remind others of their triumphant strength. 

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Phoenix Phyre

Press on sistah ✊🏾 Glad the circumstances did not break you and that mom was given the strength to fight through. Continue to do what you love and create with passion. These times build flesh tough like leather. Pun intended

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