About Us


 Amber Poitier Inc. is a leather accessories brand that was founded by Alicia Appleton in 2015. While Alicia was working in corporate fashion design in NYC, she came to loathe her job as a designer. These daily intense levels of bureaucracy led to the beginnings of severe health issues. As a result, Alicia decided to go back to the beginning of her love for creativity and she started to make accessories again.
She named the company Amber because , like her art it also embodies healing properties. When a tree has a disease, the tree releases resin that encases and stops the disease. As a result, the tree can continue to grow. The creation of the company and products brought a sense of healing back into her life. Poitier was chosen, because of her respect of Mr. Sidney Poitier’s life journey, integrity and creativity that she rediscovered after reading “Measure of a Man". 


Founder of Amber Poitier Inc




Amber Poitier was founded by Alicia Appleton in NYC as a sculptural accessories company. The architectural lines are reflective of the founder Alicia's life in New York City and the organic shapes from her Caribbean heritage. 

She is committed to empowering women through her jewelry, by reminding them that they are more dynamic beyond their wildest dreams.