We are in the National African American Museum of History & Culture

As we kick off Black History month, we would like to share our video of Amber Poitier in one of the best Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. If you spoken to Alicia at any of the craft shows, you have heard her mention that Amber Poitier is sold at the prestigious National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC). This beautiful store is filled with so much color and culture that reflects the exhibits in the museum. 

Every visit to the NMAAHC is inspirational. The exhibits start in the basement and it expresses the black cultural origin and the story dances its' way up to the rooftop very much like music dances in your body. There are some highlights but there are more bass notes in this history lesson. The beauty of it all is that history is highlighted in such creative ways on the walls and wonderful cadence. There is so much information to see, we recommend that you plan multiple days to see the all of the jewels that the museum has to offer. 

The gift store is a culmination of wonderful artists' work from around the world. The offering in the store allows the visitor to take home a keepsake of their experience. There are books, bags, jewelry and so much more. Amber Poitier feels right at home of the museum gift store. 

In the video below see what the store team has to say about our brand. 

 There are so many great exhibits in the museum. Which is your favorite? Alicia loves the Musical Crossroads (picture below). It is a walk through the decades of music from the hits of the 1950's, Motown, Hip hop culture and today's music. 

 Musical Crossroads exhibit

The next time that you are in DC, don't forget to get your free tickets to the museum and don't forget to visit the gift store on the first floor. 


If there is a store that you would like to see our goods sold in, please let us know. 

P.S. if you go make your way to the museum, arrive hungry. The cafeteria food is a great experience. 


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